Theme rooms: Now, Bread & Breakfast


The recent trend in food-themed hotel rooms has a new entrant: is running a 'Bread and Breakfast' at New York's Refinery Hotel, where the mini-bar has been joined by a bakery counter full of cakes, rolls and treats.

For those of you who weren't in love with the Taco Bell Hotel or London's cheese room, this may be the answer, and unlike the one-night cheese deal or the one-week Taco Bell, this one's available nightly through the end of January at $225 per night. Here's the official description:

  • The experience starts from the moment you check in. Collect your room key, a sweet treat and head up to your carb-infused wonderland.
  • Upon entering the room, you'll immediately smell the fresh bakery scents wafting through the air and setting the tone for the belt-bustin' carbo-load that's about to take place.
  • Visit the minibar where a bakery case will be waiting for you, stockpiled with an assortment of delectable (and free!) pastries. Or toast up a slice of bread for an obvious surprise!
  • And don't forget to start your day off right! Choose your breakfast from the cereal bar, fresh bagels and a donut wall — butter, jam and cream cheese included!

The regular pillows are replaced with croissant-shaped cushions, the headboard is shaped like a slice of toast, and guests get to take home a 'carbivore' robe and baguette slippers.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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