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The Vancouver Lookout Tower at Harbour Centre


We just got back recently from Vancouver and had a great time. It was our anniversary so while we were there we decided to visit The Vancouver Lookout Tower at Harbour Centre. It was absolutely amazing. I know I say that a lot, but it really was.  It is the only place in Vancouver that you can enjoy a 360º aerial view of Vancouver. The best part was that it was an all-day ticket and we were able to go back later that evening after dinner. 

us-at-top-of-vancouver1The Lookout Tower is atop of the Harbour Centre and is the one of the tallest structures in Vancouver and one of the most recognized landmarks in the city.  The tower is 553.16 ft (168.60 m) high and opened in 1977.  You get to see some of the amazing views as you climb to the top in a 40 second glass elevator ride. We were actually able to see our rental car as we were climbing up and Gene thought it would be funny to try and set off the alarm. It didn’t work,  lol. 

Vancouver-view-1Once we were in the observation deck we were able to see so many incredible views of Vancouver such as historic Gastown, Coal Harbour. Stanley Park, the Pacific Ocean, the North Shore Mountains and the Olympic Peninsula Mountains.  Everywhere we looked there was something more exciting to see.

Vancouver-view-2Not being from Vancouver area, we both thought it was really cool that they had little placards explaining what we were seeing and what not to miss. We even talked to a couple that lived there and gave us more information on a placed that talked about the 9 O’ Clock Gun placard.  Apparently it is a cannon that is shot every night at 21:00 PT.  The 21:00 firing was established as a time signal for the general population and to allow the chronometers of ships in port to be accurately set. Gene thought that was really cool and we did hear it later that night. 

Vancouver-view-3We were having a nice time, but decided to head down and do a little shopping in the store (at least I did, lol) and bought a few souvenirs. After that fun, we walked around downtown Vancouver a little since we had paid for parking.  We hadn’t made dinner plans yet (gasps) and decided over a couple of beers to have dinner at the restaurant on top of the Lookout Tower, called Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant. 

Vancouver-view-4There was nothing like sitting and having dinner at 553 feet in the sky and seeing the city move around you. It was breathtaking and the food was exceptional. The staff were very friendly, and even took some pictures of us. We took our time and I think we went around almost two times while we enjoyed our meal. It was a very romantic anniversary dinner. One I won’t forget soon.

us-at-top-of-vancouverWe went back to the observation deck again before heading down and heard the 9 O’ Clock Gun. We had forgotten about it, and were surprised that we were able to hear it. Eventually there were getting ready to close, so we left filled with food and wonderful memories. Great way to spend the afternoon and evening. In case  you are looking for more info, here are their sites: Tower website & Restaurant website.


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As many times as I've visited Vancouver, I've never been to the top of this tower.  Will have to make a point of doing so when I'm next there on a clear day.  Vancouver is perhaps the most beautiful city in the world (I know, many places are), but the setting is absolutely magnificent.  Sadly, it's been overpopulated and is now one of the most expensive cities in North America.  But it still is lovely, as your blog so clearly shows.  Thanks, Samantha!

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So glad that you and Gene had a good time. Vancouver is a beautiful city but as the good Doctor mentioned it has become overpopulated and expensive. Looks like you had some very nice weather though. Dining in the tower is a great way to enjoy the view. The last time I did that was in the early 80s. Happy belated Anniversary as well.

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It was amazing and the views were incredible. It made me want to enjoy the same experience at other revolving restaurants. Thanks for the comments and anniversary wishes. 

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