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The Towers of Hatfield


On a spring drive in western Massachusetts, I wandered off onto two-lane blacktops and found myself in Hatfield, Massachusetts, looking at a handsome house with a third-floor turret that could almost have been a lookout point.


As I continued through the town, I found more tower houses, a concentration I've never seen in a single town. Not sure who set the style, but it apparently was popular!


I'm used to seeing houses along the coast with a terrace or tower to spot ships (and sailors) coming home from the sea, but not in a rural area over a hundred miles from the coast.


A few miles away, I found this outlier. It's not a house, though: it's a former church that's been remodeled (or is it 're-muddled'?) into a showroom for an architectural design and interior decor firm.



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