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The Top 10 Europe Destinations for Travel


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Many are in a hurry to take advantage of the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of European countries, look at countless sights, and taste dishes of national cuisines. As a result, millions of tourists from all over the world visit significant European countries every year. And this is not surprising.

Europe is fifty states, size, political structure, traditions, and customs. Each European country has its national flavor and historical attractions. Travel broadens your horizons. It's one thing to look at postcards and photographs of beautiful places and wish you were there, but it's another thing when you go to those places in photographs.

You can talk about each of the countries listed below for hours, but it is better to visit once and see everything with your own eyes. Europe is not so large in area, and one trip can be combined with visiting several countries. The world is beautiful and amazing, and travel allows you to enjoy it to the fullest! You can gain new emotions, eat delicious food, or simply immerse yourself in an atmosphere of calm happiness in any of these European cities.

What European Countries to Visit?

Many countries are worth your attention.

London, Great Britain

What's the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "London"? The Queen, the Tower, fog, red double-decker buses, a five-hour tea party, pubs, football fans, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, etc. The British capital is a huge metropolis that organically combines royal palaces, modern skyscrapers, tradition, and modernity. By the way, to save money on the trip, book flights to United Kingdom in advance.

Furore, Italy

Furore is formed by a fjord almost opposite to Amalfi or Positano. The entrance of the water, surrounded by high cliffs, leads to a small sheltered beach and a few modest colored houses. In many other ways, it's also the other side of the popular tourist towns of the Amalfi Coast. Furore is quiet. Рouses dot the cliffside, and bougainvillea frame every photo taken.

Paris, France

It is the city of love, revolutions, croissants, street cafes, French fashion, and haute cuisine. Everything in this city (royal palaces, majestic temples, austere monasteries, museum collections, and ordinary residential buildings) is subject to the general idea that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Notre Dame de Paris (famous thanks to Hugo's novel), Palais Royal (Palace of Cardinal Richelieu), Sacré Coeur, which rises on Mormantre, Hotel de Ville… Of course, you can go there for a long time: there are more than enough sights in this city. But it's better to see it all with your own eyes.

Møre og Romsdal, Norway

The main attraction of this country is a bizarre coastline, indented with bays. The most famous of them is the Gerangerfjord, which is under UNESCO's protection. Here, rocky shores up to 1400 m high descend steeply to the water. Fans of extreme photos tend to Troll's Tongue – a horizontal ledge of one of the fjords, hanging over the lake and rocks.

Prague and Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

The landmark of the city is the Prague Castle. It is an area with temples and forts. 600 guards of the city guard it. The changing of the guard is especially spectacular. The country attracts not only with its history and culture but also with ancient balneological resorts. The most famous of them is Karlovy Vary. For 600 years, the town has been famous for its thermal mineral water springs.

Rome, Italy

It is a majestic city with a rich history. Rome is not just the capital of Italy. It is a city that once ruled the world. Walking through the city, which is already over two thousand years old, you involuntarily feel reverence for the mighty Roman Empire in former times. Rome is a real open-air museum. There are ancient temples of the ancient gods, medieval monasteries, and luxurious palaces of rulers.

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Geneva, Switzerland

A small mountainous country in the center of Europe has maintained its independence and neutrality for centuries. It is famous for its ski resorts where world celebrities rest. Geneva has become the world's center of diplomacy, but it has retained the medieval atmosphere of the old part of the city with cobbled streets and tiny cafes. Across the country, travelers are open to ancient castles, fortifications, and untouched corners of nature in protected areas.

Europe is a vast expanse for tourism. You can explore this part of the world several times a year and will find something new each time. The main thing is to immerse yourself in the journey with your head. In return, you will get unforgettable impressions for a lifetime! Feel the atmosphere of medieval castles, climb the rocky shores of picturesque fjords, or simply admire the fabulous architecture and untouched nature.


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