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The Spouting Horn, Kauai

Kauai is a most beautiful island appropriately nicknamed Hawaii's "garden island".  It's easy to get around by car and there's a diverse terrain to explore.

On Kauai’s South Shore, near Poipu, is a blowhole known as the "Spouting Horn".  It's a popular spot to visit and take a photo.  The way the blowhole works is that as the surf rushes in the water is channeled into a lava tube that connects to the surface.  It erupts with an impressive spout of water which can be up to 50 feet tall.  The eruption is preceded by a hiss as the advancing jet of water forces air from the lava tube.  It looks and sounds very much like a geyser erupting.

The area is protected as a State Beach, with lots of parking and great views of the Poipu coast.  The following photos are a rapid sequence that show the eruption of the Spouting Horn:






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