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The "Noah's Ark" airport

We normally think of airports as people places, but Frankfurt's airport handles twice as many animals as people each year, and it's a very busy people airport!  Everything from horses to fish to rare exotic creatures.  An interesting piece by the Wall Street Journal.


Note:  since putting this post up, the article can't be easily accessed, but you can hear about it on this free podcast:  Those residing in the USA might be able to see the same story on this video, though it doesn't play in all countries:




(My wife's paint horse, Tommy)


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  • My wife's paint horse, Tommy

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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This story is a delight.  Thanks for posting this.    One reads about cases in which customs ceases endangered animals in transport.  Perhaps this is ibe reason - some of that cargo is going via Lufthansa Cargo and passing through the Frankfurt Animal Lounge.  So that is important work that they are doing there.  They both keep the animals safe in transit and look out for those who should not be shipped at all. 


DrFumblefinger - The pony looks very healthy.  You must know a lot about animals. Do you know Dr, Dolittle ?

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