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The Lucky Chair in Victoria by the Sea, P.E.I.


The Lucky Chair

One of my favorite parts of travel is meeting people and listening to the stories they tell. One of the most interesting stories I've heard on Prince Edward Island  is that of Ben Smith's Lucky Chair.  As Ben tells the story, the Lucky Chair was a gift from a friend who was struck by lightning three times but survived. 



Ben  is a interesting and talented man that runs a sand candle shop in Victoria by the Sea, P.E.I. . He  has been carving candles for over 45 years. 



The candle shop is located across the street from the lighthouse. If the lighthouse is not open, Ben has the key to open it up too.


Of course, I sat in the chair a few times. If your in the area, make sure to visit Ben's unique shop and sit in the Lucky Chair.



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  • The Lucky Chair: The Lucky Chair
  • Sand Candle: Sand Candle
  • Ben Smith's Candle Shop: Ben Smith's Candle Shop
  • Ben Smith: Ben Smith
  • Travel Rob in the Lucky Chair: Travel Rob in the Lucky Chair
  • Lighthouse: Lighthouse

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