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'The luckiest crayfish in Australia'


Animal rescue stories always make people feel good, but usually they involve furry ones with cute faces. This one is about a plain ugly crustacean, a crayfish who escaped both his destiny as someone's dinner and an accidental disposal.

Pinchy, as it's been named after an unfortunate lobster in a Simpsons episode, has ended up an honored guest and possible future star at the Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney, which is having its first post-Covid visitors on Sept. 30.

Pinchy was found inside a box in a Pyrmont dumpster.Pinchy came from a Western Australia fish farm, part of a shipment packed in styrofoam and ice and headed for a restaurant in Sydney. Fate first intervened when a restaurant worker missed one last crayfish while emptying and discarding the styrofoam container.

Fate intervened again when a couple working for the refuse disposal company spotted Pinchy and realized he was alive, but dehydrated. They poured a couple of gallons of mineral water into the container and watched him perk up.

And then, when their families were thinking of a fate that involved boiling and butter, they decided to call the aquarium, where the animal rescue center took over, putting him in a healthy environment: a tank with yabbies, six lungfish, archerfish, spotted gars and snakehead turtles. Officials say everyone gets on well.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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