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The Devil's Millhopper is in Tim Tebow Country

The Devil's Millhopper is Florida's only geological site in its state park system.
It is a sinkhole 117 ft deep and 500 ft across.  And yes, it's in Gainesville, Florida, home of the University of Florida Gators.

It gets the Millhopper name from it's funnel-like shape. In the 1800's, farmers used to grind grain in grist mills. On the top of the grist mill was a funnel-shaped hopper that held the grain as it was fed into the grinder. Since fossilized bones and teeth were found at the bottom of the sink, it was said the millhopper fed bodies to the devil, hence the name Devil's Millhopper. There is also was a legend of an Indian princess kidnapped by the devil there, so a lot of interesting stories.

I visited this peaceful park Thanksgiving Day 2013 and enjoyed it.The hike to the bottom is pretty easy for people with no physical issues. There is constantly the sound of 12 springs, some going to the bottom of the sink on their way to the Gulf of Mexico.


Also, the wood paths that lead to the bottom are in good shape. I didn't see any of the parks animals, but I saw a lot of unique vegetation to the area.


It costs $4 per car or $2 person without a car. It's collected a box at the entrance under the honor system.



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