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The Biggest Plane You've Never Seen


Oh, the A380 and the 747 are big, and so was the Spruce Goose. But this one is different. A huge cargo aircraft, with 6 huge jet engines, almost unknown and also almost unflown.

It's the Antonov An-225, built in 1988, just before the end of the Soviet Union, and holder of the world's record for the single heaviest cargo ever transported, an astonishing 559,580 pounds. When you see the video below, you'll appreciate just how heavy that is!

Like most Antonov planes, including the current production small airlines, it has shoulder wings, above the fuselage. It also is the only jet ever built with 6 engines. 

As you watch the video, notice how slowly the huge plane gets up to speed, and how long its rear wheels stay on the ground after the front landing gear is off the ground. That rear gear, by the way, has 28 wheels. Click HERE

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