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The Advantages Of Long Term Airport Parking


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Say, for example, you are heading out of town for the weekend, or even a week or two. You have to travel to get to the airport, but you do not know what to do with your car once you take off. You have floated the idea(with your partner) about having a friend come and pick the car up. What happens to their car though? It would require an enormous song and dance routine to get your car back home.

Plus, you are kind of skeptical about what could happen to your car while you are away. You can only trust your neighbors so far. Besides, who is to say some kids from outside the neighborhood will not cause issues?

These are all just examples(mind you), but you still need to find some place to keep your car protected while you are away. That brings us to the topic of the day:airport parking. More importantly, long-term airport covered parking at Dia.

Airport parking, such as covered parking at Dia, offers so much convenience for travelers. More people should consider using it when they go away. Below you will find some of the main benefits of using airport parking to keep your car safe while you travel, so you can come back to a safe vehicle(a vehicle that has not been tampered with in any way).

Long-Term Airport Parking: The Five Benefits

1) The first benefit is the affordability. It is going to be much cheaper compared to the other alternatives. This parking is different from the parking right outside the airport. Parking outside the airport is only designed for one day or less(less would be the preferable route). It is designed to give people a place to park while they do what they need to do(like sending someone off on the plane). Once you are done, you are supposed to leave. Outside airport parking is not designed for people to sit there for all hours.

Long-term parking is. It is made specifically for people who travel(whether for business and/or vacation). You pay one flat rate and you are set. Now, keep in mind that you will have to pay at least $100 for one week. That is a pale comparison for what other places charge you for one day. Short-term parking lots can charge you $100 and up per day. This is going to be for the entire week. The other thing to know is these parking lots(though they are covered) are a little farther away from the airport. The airport will provide transportation to and from, at no extra cost to you.

2) Now, let's talk about safety. Safety issues are a big concern for people who travel a lot. Once again, you are leaving your car in a place that is supposed to protect. You could leave your car with a friend, but who's to say what will happen in your friends neighborhood. Your friend can not keep an eye on your car 24/7. That would be a little unrealistic.

That is why long-term parking is great. These are gated community lots that are lit and have extra levels of security(inside and out). There is also 24/7 monitoring(hence the price you pay). Security does not come cheap. The fences in areas make it almost impossible for anyone to get in and steal the car. Plus, there are cameras on 24/7. The guards will notice something. You cannot get that level of protection whether your car is at home or at your friend's

3) Let's talk about convenience for a few seconds. How many times have you called a friend to ask them to take you to the airport? How many times have you called them when you got back for a ride home? Once or twice is one thing, but some people make it nasty habit. It gets old very fast. You can be more independent in your traveling. You drive to the airport and leave the car. You come back and drive home. It is that simple.

Plus, it will save time and headaches from having to call your best friend at 2:00 AM for a ride. Listen, I am sure your friend says that he is okay with it. However, he is not going to tell you how he really feels(for the sake of your relationship). Who wants to get into a big fight at 3 in the morning over a ride? That is why this option is very convenient.

4) You are going to find a better experience overall by using the long-term airport parking. Listen, even the most basic of parking lots comes with upgraded protection. They have staff that will clean the garage(especially during the snowy, wintry months). The staff will keep your car protected and in good condition. That is what they are paid to do.

Some of the long-term parking lots in Dia have valets. You can call them to have your car warmed up and ready to go. That comes in handy during the cold and wintry months. During the hot summer months, they will have your car turned on with AC blasting. That makes the services more enjoyable. It is best to call ahead to find out what services are included in your long-term parking. That way you know what to expect.

5) You are going to be saving a lot of money by doing this. Once again, the short-term parking charges at least $100 and up a day for just using their services for a few hours. Long-term parking charges for one week. There is a massive difference in the two.

Plus, there are different levels of services you can use. There are also rewards programs. Some rewards programs will give you free parking for one time once you have enough points earned. There are also different packages for discounts. Some programs will offer a "stay in hotel" as part of their plan. Those who qualify get a park and stay package for a discounted rate.

Do you plan to stay more than a week or so? You could qualify for discounted fees for parking whenever you cash the rewards in. As you can see, there are many benefits to using long-term parking as part of your travel package. You could also wind up with more discounts and incentives depending on how much you use the benefits.

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