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Tent? Trailer? Cottage? EcoCapsule could be all 3!

A sleek capsule with its own wind and solar power, and a tiny but chic and comfortable interior could change the whole picture for outdoor living, or even emergency shelter.


Designed by a Slovakian firm and shown last week at an exhibition for pioneer designs in Vienna, the EcoCapsule has 2.6 sq meters of solar panels, a 750w retractable wind turbine, filters to make the water it captures drinkable. Inside, there's a kitchenette, toilet, shower and work/dining area as well as the bed. The designers say the egg-shaped capsule could be a home for two.

The architects, Nice Designs, have been working on the project for 7 years, and think they have a viable design now. It's designed and sized so it can be towed on a trailer, shipped in a standard shipping container, or even hauled by pack animals. They've sent around visualizations of how it would look on the beach, in a field, even on urban rooftops.

One drawback so far: When it goes on the market next year (price not yet set) it's expected to carry high initial shipping costs, about $1700 from Slovakia to Britain for example.

All photos by EcoCapsule

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