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Ten worst U.S. airports: some surprises!


For most of us, 'worst airport' brings to mind tired, crowded buildings, sparse comforts and the like, but a recent article from makes it clear that 'worst' doesn't necessarily mean oldest, and that there are more factors than just the buildings themselves.

Using data from a variety of sources, the Frommers editors also looked at the frequency of delays and cancelations at the airports, ease of getting to the airport, and getting from one place to another within the airport. Which is not to say that actual conditions, including availability of food and other needs is out of the picture.

Sadly, those factors place some of the most important and busiest U.S. airports on the list, including Chicago O'Hare, Denver, LAX, DFW and Newark (which made the grade as the worst). New York's JFK missed this year's list, but nearby LaGuardia, which is now an almost entirely new airport still made the list because of ongoing construction and the ongoing lack of any direct transit link to Manhattan.

The details are worth noting and the story is instructive. Read it HERE

Image: Newark Airport (JonasLarsson / Flickr)

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