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Sweden claims 'best pizza' title. Yes, Sweden!


Nothing like a culinary controversy to grab some weekend attention. And after a week in which Italy seized the "world's longest pizza" title from Spain and France and Italy nearly came to blows over Nutella, a bizarre pizza seems like just the thing.


The picture above is the "Vulcan" pizza, offered by the Nya Gul & Bla pizzeria in Pitea, in northern Sweden. It goes for about $15 and includes, among many other things, bacon, pepperoni, diced steak, fried potatoes, cucumber, tomato, red onion, lettuce and cheese.


While some, I included, question whether it's really a pizza, its fans are ecstatic. Nyheter 24, (News 24) called it "the most beautiful thing to happen to humanity." The pizzeria owner says he's getting calls from all over the country asking about delivery or for the address. They'd better really want it; Pitea is 850km north of Stockholm—9 hours by car or 13-1/2 by train.



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