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Sun will disappear Friday...but most won't notice

Is that a teaser headline? Yes, but it has a real basis. There will be a total eclipse of the sun this coming Friday, March 20, 2015, but it will only appear as a total eclipse in a select section of the northern hemisphere: Parts of Norway, the Faroe Islands, Shetlands, etc. A bit further south, it will still be pretty impressive; Aberdeen will see (or, actually, not see) 94% of the sun. Sadly, nowhere in North America at all.


But for those who'd like to plan ahead, Gumbo's found a great resource for you to check out and bookmark: At this site you'll find a world of information about, duh, time and dates, and also weather and other observable phenomena. Click HERE to see their eclipse calculator; type in a place and it will give you information and pictures of past and future eclipses.

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I've only experienced one total solar ecclipse in my life and  it was very memorable.  I'd like to see at least one more in my life time.  Thanks for the guide on future dates.  There's actually one going across North America in 2 years, so might focus on getting as close to that as possible.

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My first Grandchild will be 1 year old on March 20th next week.

The party venue has been booked for a 10am start.

Then all outside at 10.30 for the eclipse.

That will keep all the kids happy. But it took some planning !

My first total eclipse was in the Dom Rep. years ago.

I was on a sun lounger. It went dark. It went cold.

All the ants and creepy crawlies of the night came out.

Thousands of them ! Very memorable.



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