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Spring Time on Table Mountain

Table Mountain is perhaps Oroville California's best kept secret (aside from Burma Falls).
During the winter waterfalls flow from the edges of Table Mountain to the floor of the valley. If you are lucky and know a local then you might even find The Fantom Falls, I only know a few that have.
My favorite time on Table Mountain is the Spring. The wild flowers are in full bloom. The pinks, purples and yellows scattered among the dark rocks and fresh green grass looks as if a giant spilled his paint box on the landscape.
Happy California cows and horses are grazing in the fields.
On the horizon The Sutter Butte Mountain Range is as clear as if it had been carved out of the skyline.
The sound of joyful laughter fills the air from the children giggling as their kites fly high in the sky, while their parents watch and take part in their excitement, leaving their cell phones unattended.
The bark of the trees appears black against the blue sky and the contrast of the bright green leaves sprouting from their dark branches is very an lovely sight.
And then there is me. Absorbing it all, while my trigger finger grows tired on the shutter button of my camera. The beauty here is more than I can describe. I have an immense emotional connection to this place.
















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A most beautiful place!  I can see why it's special to you.


Glad that there are still unspoiled places left like this in California.  From your photos it's a little difficult to get a sense of the size and scale of Table mountain.  Is it a huge place?  A smaller oasis?

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

I have spent whole days hiking Table Mountain and haven't even covered half of it.

The top of the mountain is divided by the single two lane road that cuts up and over it. This day was spent on the West side of the divide. I couldn't find any information on the square mileage, but as a rough estimate I would say "huge".


There are also caves, which I have never found, but then again I have never found Phantom Falls, either.



Just North of this spot there is a "ghost town" called Cherokee. There is an old gold mine there. The first California diamond was found in it in 1909. Once the mine was confirmed to be producing diamonds the owner of the company that controlled the mine suspended all operations. It has been closed since the early 1900's. There is a lot of speculation and mystery behind it. 


Here is a link about the old mine:


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