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Spring 2015! Selfie Garden Debuts at Keukenhof


          Photo of Keukenhof : Wikimedia Commons , Author Alessandro Vecchi


Keukenhof Estate is a 32 hectare park in the Netherlands filled with over 7 million flowers in Spring. The  inspiration there this Spring will be Vincent Van Gogh, because 2015 marks the 125th year of his death. The flower shows will focus on Van Gogh and there will be a new Selfie Garden. The Selfie Garden pays tribute to Van Gogh's love of self-portraits. You can send in a selfie before your visit and see it displayed in the garden. There will also be a  self portrait of Van Gogh that's made up of thousands of tulips. Keukenhof is open in 2015 from March 20th until May 17th.


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