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"Spotted On the Road": Everglades City, Florida

Everglades City car2


While recently visiting Florida's fascinating Everglades, I spent the better part of a day in the small town of "Everglades City".  This town is within a few miles of the ocean and is best known as a good place to go for air-boat rides into the mangroves (which thrive in the brackish water of the coast).  The coastal mangroves are a specialized ecosystem and this time of year the manatee were migrating into the nearby rivers (mating season).


While driving around the city, we came across this pretty little sports car sitting in front of a church.  I love looking at cars but know little about them.  I do know this is an MG and a convertible, but little else.


Can any help me get a little more info on this car, like year of make?  Is there anything special about the model?   Please leave a comment below.  


Everglades City car1


Everglades City car3


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  • Everglades City car3

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I think '79 or '80 was the end of the line for MGB, so you're probably in the right time-frame.


Sad thing about the could never look to me like an MG. Tell me MG, and this is what I see...



The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations


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"excess baggage?" No, just baggage period!


The T basically had room at the back for a few tools and maybe a lunch; there was also a wee bit of space behind the seats.


I'm pretty sure there the C had space for an overnighter back there, just that and a spare tire.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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