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Spotted on the Road, Brooklyn: 1962 Plymouth Fury







20150905_100321Here's a car that hasn't gotten much respect. And that goes beyond its current "ready for restoration" condition; even when it was new it drew a lot of snorts and mockery. Laurence Jones of Curbside Classics calls it  "the best concept of what a full sized American car should be, fifteen years too early and in a questionable wrapper."



According to Jones, it isn't even what Chrysler intended for 1962; it was hastily reworked because of a belief at Chrysler that Plymouth was downsizing it main offerings. Actually, they weren't: they just added the Chevy II. But Plymouth went ahead with this one.



The single taillight is apparently the result of some botched surgery; the originals had (depending on model) two or three lights on each side of the back.















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