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Spanish town grants equal rights to animals

A small Spanish town has taken a world first: It's formally recognized equal status for human and non-human residents of t town, and laid out rules for protection.


Trigueros del Valle, a town of 300 in the province of Valladolid, passed the law unanimously last month. Its 13 articles recognize the right of humans and non-humans alike to respect and protection. Abandoning a non-human is described as "a cruel and degrading act." Another clause states “No non-human resident should be exploited for the pleasure or recreation of man,” which would appear to ban bullfighting.


Mayor Pedro J PÉrez Espinosa told reporters that "Dogs and cats have been living among us for over a thousand years, and the mayor must represent not just the human residents but must also be here for the others."


No word so far on whether the animals will be allowed to vote when the mayor runs for re-election...


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