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Skypicker: If you have time, we have very cheap.


There are sales, and there are sales, and when you see one that looks too good to be true, you think "What's the catch?" Skypicker may be one of those. It advertises airfares at up to 90% off, and it can often deliver the deep discounts—but sometimes you have to accept odd routes and long layovers to get them.


The company, which is based in Prague, specialized its search engine to look for what other searches ignore: flights that use multiple airlines, flights with odd routes (London to Barcelona via Dusseldorf, or Athens via Stockholm) and sizable layovers. Although sometimes you can find a flight with only one or none of the disadvantages. It picks these items up using over 150 different airlines.


Jelisa Castrodale, one of the RoadWarrior bloggers on USA Today tried it out on a variety of routes and found real savings...if you have the time to take them. Her report is HERE. I played around with it a bit, too, and even found a few bargains. What I really liked about the site, though is in the screenclip above: It shows the fare, and it shows the route (in the case above, NYC-London, London-Dublin and finally Dublin to Paris. On the other hand, it's not totally transparent about some of the airports; BVA (Beauvais) is listed as Paris, and GRO (Girona) is listed as Barcelona, nearly 50 miles away.


For those who don't want to play with the interface, just wait a bit. Skypicker has cut a deal that will put its tricks into the mix on Kayak, Skyscanner and Momondo searches.




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