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Six American Road Trips to Explore and Enjoy


America is renowned for its incredible road trip experiences; from the world-famous Route 66 to the lesser known Overseas Highway, there are so many incredible journeys to embark upon along America’s roads.

If you’re looking for some road trip inspiration, look at the 6 American road trips you have to explore featured in this guide!

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway, above, makes for the ultimate sunny American road trip. You’ll make your way from San Francisco all the way to San Diego and it can take you anywhere between three days and one week, depending on how many stops you want to take and how long you’ll stop in each place.

Along the way, make sure you stop off at Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as enjoying a short hike in Big Sur National Park, before heading out on the road again in your trusted RV.

Great River Road

The great Mississippi River will be your driving companion on this American road trip as you’ll drive alongside it across ten states if you take the Great River Road.

This road trip is perfect for young adventurists who are akin to being at one with nature and wildlife. You’ll get to see the Yazoo Refuge and you’ll also pass through stunning river towns such as Rosedale and Greenville.

Route 66

Arguably the most famous road trip in America, this classic will see you driving all the way from Lake Michigan to California. It will take you around two weeks to one month, depending on how many stops you want to make along the way.

You’ll see the likes of the oldest church in America (St Joseph’s) as well as the world’s largest rocking chair in Missouri. Route 66 is an incredible journey to embark upon; whether you’re driving in your RV alone or with a group of friends.

It’s also one of the most popular things to endure as it’s featured on many Americans’ (as well as people from all over the world) bucket lists!

The Overseas Highway

The shortest road trip route on this list is the Overseas Highway, but that doesn’t mean to say that it’s less impressive than any of the others.

The Overseas Highway links up Florida’s two greatest beach locations; Miami and Key West. In Miami you’ll get to experience sun, sand and surfers, whereas in Key West you’ll be greeted with spectacular islands and a plethora of beautiful coral reefs.

There are 42 bridges to cross over the ocean on your journey from Miami to Key West and you’ll be provided with ample views of the Atlantic Ocean as you drive.

US Route 30

Running from Oregon to Atlantic City, Route 30 intersects Route 20 at some points. It involves crossing large sections of the Lincoln Highway, where you’ll pass by the likes of Lincoln’s Cabin, Nevada, the Big Mac Museum and a giant Coffee Pot in Pennsylvania.

It’s a fantastic road trip for people at any age but is often said to be most enjoyed by younger travellers and tourists as you’ll be swarmed with some of America’s greatest culture and city skylines.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most picturesque road trips you can embark upon in America. It snakes through the Appalachian Mountains all the way from Virginia to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.

It’s best driven in the autumn months when you’ll be greeted with some of the most colourful foliage in the world. An abundance of trees lines your route for many miles, and you’ll also get the chance to enjoy many hikes, waterfalls and perpetual views of the countryside.

It’s a great route to take if you want to remove yourself from the city a little more and be immersed in some of nature’s greatest creations. It also makes for incredible photograph opportunities, providing that you make safe and regular stops along the way.


There are so many incredible American road trips you have to explore during your lifetime; with just a handful of the best featured above. Whether you opt for the classic Route 66 road trip, or you decide to take it right back to nature with a drive across Blue Ridge Parkway, your road trip experience is sure to be one you’ll never forget.

Road trips are some of the best experiences you’ll ever have; providing that you’re safe when doing so. Make sure your RV is safe, secure and that it has the best RV surge protector possible, and of course that it is comfortable, as you’ll inevitably be driving long distances. Ensure that you’re equipped with plenty of snacks, your gas tank is always as full as possible and that you always bring the necessary insurance documents with you in the event of an emergency.

Rebecca Brown is a translator, an interpreter and a digital nomad, living her best life while traveling the world and breaking out of her shell. Her ultimate dream is to visit every country in the world, and she has so far been to 49. When not writing or trying to find the perfect cappuccino, she tries to blog at RoughDraft. Once a social media addict, she now has a very rarely used Twitter account.

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