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Signs of the Times, and Smiles





One of the pleasures of traveling is finding the odd bit that makes you smile or makes you wonder. Often enough, it's in the form of a sign that may make perfect sense where it is, but looks odd to someone from another language or culture. The sign above is an example of that sort: common enough in Britain, and something we have in the U.S. also, but never with that name. It's nothing more than a raised crosswalk!




The Barcelona sample, above, is a visual pun...the sign says "Continue," but the pillar says, in effect, "Not quite!" Next up, a pair of puzzling street signs, one from Bologna and one from Oslo.


1-aP1030244-001 1-aP1020437

Sometimes language can get in the way altogether. If you weren't able to read the French ("The Chateau d'If is closed Mondays)") you might spend quite a while trying to figure out what comes next in the English sentence.



On the other hand, some signs are visual enough that there's NO question what your dog must not do, as in this sample from Cannes: 


 Dijon manages to get the message across with more words and less "punch"



Here's a bookstore in Paris, near the Louvre, with a jaunty pun that tells us that Mona not only had her picture painted, but that she "read." Not likely a patron of this store, though!



1-London-16This one is a warning from London, but it may apply to the sign below: We're finishing the funny signs with a puzzle: What on earth is banned by this sign that appears on the wall of the cathedral museum in Ravenna, Italy, between the restrooms and a stairwell? No prize for the answer, of course...


1-aP1030064Have some funny or puzzling signs of your own? Feel free to add them below!



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A "Raised Zebra Crossing" gives the priority to the pedestrian. They have the "Right of Way"


A "Crosswalk" is located  at a Junction where Pedestrians must wait until they get the "Walk" Signal (Green Man Illuminated). And stop at the "Don't Walk" Signal (Red Man illuminated)



If you treat a Zebra Crossing (Black and White Stripes) and a Crosswalk (Signal Controlled) equally you'll get broken legs !


(Both Signals Illuminated for Display purposes only )



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