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Shipping Container Dimensions & Sizes


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Shipping container size can vary based on your needs and the availability, the size and dimensions can also differ based on the location. If you are looking to purchase or rent shipping containers and would like to get a rough estimate on the dimensions and size, then keep reading as we will talk about the standard shipping container size. We will also talk about some of the most popular size and dimensions for a shipping container; that way, you can get a better idea on what to purchase or rent based on your needs.

Standard Shipping Container Size?

In most cases, you will find a standard shipping container to be around 8 feet 6 inches tall, and 8 feet wide. A basic shipping container will have a length of 20 feet, but you can also find ones with a length of 40 feet. You can easily find shipping containers in the dimensions and size we just mentioned, as those are very common. If you get a standard-sized shipping container, you can theoretically transport most items. However, if you are shipping large items or a high quantity at once, then it would be best if you opt for a larger shipping container.

Other Shipping Container Sizes

You can find taller shipping containers, allowing you to have more room to fit larger or multiple items. You can opt for a shipping container with a height of 9 for 6 inches, with other dimensions remaining standard. The added foot in height can give you a lot more room for storage, and since the other dimensions remain the same, it's quite easy to transport. If you still feel the additional foot in height is not enough, you can always get the shipping container with the length of 40 feet as this should mitigate your concerns.

Shipping Container Designs

To the untrained eye, every shipping container would look the same, but there are many different details a shipping container can have. You can find different shipping containers which open up in different styles, and it can help you transport various items.

- Tunnels: These shipping containers open from both ends, allowing you to remove larger items with ease.

- One side: These shipping containers only open from one end and one side.

- Open tops: These shipping containers will have a removable roof.

- Refrigerated: These shipping containers will have a fridge inside the shipping container, which will allow you to keep your items cold. Great for transporting food items.

These are some of the most common designs of a shipping container, make sure to assess your need and pick the right shipping container for your requirements.

Final Verdict

You should now have a basic idea on what a standard shipping container size can be, make sure to find the right supplier and the right shipping container. For most people, a standard shipping container will work just fine, especially if you are transporting smaller goods. If you are looking to transport food items, then you should opt for a refrigerated shipping container. Have a look at your shipping requirements and make an educated decision from your end.

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