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Shhh! Your suitcase is disturbing my sleep!

Well, the headline's not a joke. The city council has passed a law taking effect next May that imposes fines up to 500€ for dragging suitcases with hard wheels along the alleys and bridges of Venice. The claim is that the noise drives everyone nuts and disturbs sleep (many flights from Venice leave in early morning) and that it damages pavements and bridges.


Locals are exempt, as are people with inflatable rubber wheels on their suitcases. Unfortunately, no one makes those...but a local councilor is sure that someone will by next May. Hmmm...  From the Telegraph, UK. Click HERE

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Or anyway, maybe the flurry of media protests changed their mind...


But the city commissioner for Venice (the Mayor was removed earlier this year for corruption) denies that there was ever a plan to ban the suitcases or fine the tourists. He did say that they cause damage, but the rules are intended at noisy freight carts.


However you view it, here's the LATEST

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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It seems so sureal an idea that it has to be true!


A city that has no roads, making the only way to get to most places by walking signifcant distances down narrow lanes, wants to discourage its lifeblood, tourists.  "K, granny, you can carry that 50 lb bag for 10 minutes, or pay a 500 Euro fine, or we head down to Florence.  What will it be?"

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