Sept. 13, 2018: Scenes from the Batticaloa Waterfront


Situated on Sri Lanka's east coast, the small city of Batticaloa was all but neglected by tourists until the country's Civil War ended a few years ago.   Fortunately for the region, that's changing and valuable tourist dollars are flowing in.

Most people who visit Batticaloa go to see its historic fort, which we've previously featured on TravelGumbo.  The city is situated on the Indian Ocean, to which it is connected by a series of lagoons, and there are many great scenes to enjoy from the water.

Here are some scenes from the city's waterfront, including of its harbor....

01 Batticaloa harbor

Fishermen busy at work in one of the lagoons...

03 Batticaloa harbor

Below is the bridge from which you hear the "singing fish" -- apparently best heard on a still night with a full moon (I never heard them but some local swear it's true).

05 Batticaloa harbor

Some of the wildlife from the lagoon....

06 Batticaloa harbor

07 Batticaloa harbor

Many people just park their boats on the sand beaches of the city....

08 Batticaloa harbor

09 Batticaloa harbor

And lastly, a stop at the city's lighthouse, more than a century old.

12 Batticaloa harbor

13 Batticaloa harbor

16 Batticaloa harbor


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