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Segway Tour of Nice, France


We recently enjoyed a Segway tour of Nice, on the Riviera. It was a great overarching tour of Nice that gives you a very thorough overview of the town, and the Segways—they are just amazingly fun to operate.

01 20220927_114017

The tour passes several major points of interest, including encircling Castle Hill. And there are churches, art installations, and even a short drive along the beachfront!

03 20220927_12265804 20220927_121515From high on the hill, views over the town and the port

You can enjoy the vistas for as long as you like. This tour is a wonderful opportunity to get an overview, and then re-visit at your leisure.

05 20220927_11054807 20220927_134950Blue chairs along the beach, and the Big Blue Chair sculpture

10 20220927_11560108 20220927_114416Mosaic walls and a monument to child victims of war

06 20220927_11035909 20220927_115919A waterfall on the Castle hill, and a beachfront sculpture of 'parallel lines'; below, narrow streets in the old part of town, and a food vendor's cart

12 20220927_11222913 20220927_112623

Below, sculpture along the streets; no, they're not living trees!

17 20220927_12555814 20220927_113452

Apollo, the sun god, is honored with a fountain in the center of the sunny city.

20 20220927_13004119 20220927_12595516 20220927_12511918 20220927_133756


Images (19)
  • I Love Nice sign
  • Enjoying the Segways
  • View of the city of Nice (including the market) and ocean
  • Port of Nice
  • Beach blue chairs
  • Statue along the beach (parallel lines)
  • Blue chair sculpture
  • Monument to children who died in World War I
  • Waterfall on castle hill
  • Mosaics along the walls
  • Town squares with Segways
  • Narrow city streets and buildings
  • Food vendor cart
  • Art sculptures along the streets
  • Church in the town
  • Sculpture in the city
  • Flowers along streets in the city
  • Apollo statue and fountain in city center
  • Apollo statue and fountain in city center (supporting sculptures)

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