SeaWorld: No more dolphin riders


Under pressure from animal rights groups, SeaWorld will no longer present acts with humans riding on the noses and backs of dolphins.

The agreement averted a confrontation with PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) at its annual meeting. PETA had purchased shares in the company in order to force a shareholder vote on the issue.

The company and the organization have a long history of fights over treatment of ocean mammals; PETA wants them released, while SeaWorld says it has now ended abuses and is moving to "more education-focused animal presentations" and accuses PETA of trying to put it out of business.

While the fight goes on, life will be a bit easier for the dolphins.

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All the wildlife films I have seen show that the incredibly intelligent Dolphins enjoy interaction with humans. Neither cruel or unethical. Folks should focus on mans inhumanity to man if they want to save the world from oppression. 

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