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Feb. 15, 2016: San Antonio, Ibiza, the party place


Spain has once again become the Hot Spot for Europeans looking for Rest and Relaxation. It's safe, affordable and within easy reach of Western Europe.
The beach above is one of many in San Antonio, Ibiza. (pron. I-beetha).

Ibiza is an island in the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. So most people fly direct to its Airport. Budget airlines travel every day to Ibiza from across Europe.

So what's the sparkle Ibiza has to attract folks ? Ibiza is the home to 18 - 30 year old's vacations and has 24 hours a day party time and tropical weather. The beaches are home to partially clothed young people, bars and disco music.
So if you're easily offended, you may want to travel to the next island. Menorca.


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  • San Antonio, Ibiza: San Antonio, Ibiza

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