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Ryanair, unions at odds in Spain and Denmark

Ryanair, the leading low-cost air carrier in Europe has its hands full on labor issues these days.

  • A continuing strike of ground workers in Spain has left Ryanair without baggage service in Madrid,
  • Danish unions have received court permission to strike over Ryanair's refusal to bargain with them.
  • And, the company has gone on the offensive, seeking signatures on a petition to stop planned strikes by Spanish air traffic controllers. 

The Spanish controllers, who struck last month over overwork and sanctions from previous actions, are planning two 2-day strikes starting July 11 and July 25, because the issues are unresolved—and because a rule that requires many of them to work during a strike violates their right to strike, according to the unions. Controllers in France have also had recent strikes, although some have been called off.


Ryanair's petition calls for ending their right to strike altogether; it will be presented to the European Commission in hopes of spurring action. The company's chief marketing officer says "If the EU won't listen to the airlines, perhaps they'll listen to Europe's citizens, he said.

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