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Ryanair quits Denmark in fight with unions

Satirical view of Ryanair's scrappy and sometimes vengeful reaction to criticism, from employees or passengers.  Illustration:


Ryanair's increasingly bitter fight with Danish unions over working conditions for employees at Copenhagen's Ryanair base has now really gone south. Or, more precisely, southeast,  Ryanair announced Saturday that its base in Copenhagen will close before the planned July 18th strike and move to Kaunus, Lithuania.


Ryanair also has planes based at two other Danish airports; it is unclear whether they will be moved also. Flights will continue to serve all three, but the planes may be based elsewhere. The shift follows the failure of talks last week.


The basic issues are wages and working conditions; pay and working conditions for Ryanair's Danish workers are lower than Danish standards, because they are being paid under Irish rules. While Danish courts have not yet ruled on the legality of that, they have said the unions are free to strike over it. In Madrid, a baggage handlers' strike has affected Ryanair operations there.


In a similar situation, French courts required Ryanair to pay its workers at Marseille according to French labor law. Ryanair claimed it didn't have a permanent presence there; the court ruled that it had workers and an office, and was therefore covered.


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