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Rue Bab Doukkala, Marrakech


While staying with David & Ross, Scottish residents of Marrakech, David asked if I’d like to come with him to the supermarket. We walked from their home at the end of a narrow alley, derb Tizougarine, on the western side of the old walled medina, heading toward Gueliz, the newer French-built district.  We walked along a local market street, Rue Bab Doukkala, then past the gare routierre, the outdoor bus terminal, to the Carrefour supermarket. After shopping for a few items we returned the same way.


I was most intrigued, not by the Carrefour market, but by the traditional shops on the Rue Bab Doukkala. While much of the center of the medina these days has become tourist-oriented, including what once were everyday household shopping places in the souks, neighborhoods for residents remain and are infinitely more interesting to me when I can find them in the maze of the old city. The street isn’t one I would have found on my own and I returned another day for a leisurely look around. These are pictures from that day.


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