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Strasbourg & Route Du Vin

My son, his girlfriend, and I spent four nights in lovely Strasbourg.


Strasbourg Canal


We picked a perfect apartment right on Quai St. Nicholas (5 minute walk into town), which you can check out on here. Our friendly hostess (who speaks French and German but not English) showed us through the apartment and gave us a town map.


Ours was the two-bedroom apartment in the centuries-old building with a large, modern kitchen, living room, and dining room. We used the free wifi, the washing-machine (rack drying) and all the kitchen amenities. Lacking a blender, my son used a mortar and pestle that we bought in Paris to make home-made pesto.


 Homemade Pesto


We'd taken the fast train (TGV) from Paris Gare de L'Est and arrived in time to wander through the cathedral square.


 Strasbourg Cathedral

Then we stopped for a late lunch at La Corde à Linge in La Petite France neighborhood.


Maison des Tanneurs

This brasserie, with a large outdoor seating area next to the Maison des Tanneurs, welcomes tourists from around the world, so service can be uneven. But we didn't care. We weren't in a hurry, and happily dined on fresh salads, cheese plates, and glasses of Riesling.


 Strasbourg school

For the next two days, we wandered around town, shopped, ate, and jogged or read books on the banks of the canal. We were tired from weeks of traveling, so we chose only one of the many Strasbourg museums. I wanted to see the museum of one of my favorite children's book illustrators—Tomi Ungerer. This sophisticated, yet child-friendly museum gave me a richer understanding of the artist's work. (NOTE: If you bring small children, one room exhibited Ungerer's sensual drawings that you might find unsuitable. The room with children's book illustrations, however, is set up for all ages and includes an animated film.)


On our last day, we wanted to visit villages and taste wines along the Route du Vin outside of Strasbourg.


Route du Vin Map

I'd kept the card of the cab driver "Taxi Alex" who'd picked us up at the train station, and he was happy to take us on a half-day excursion.


Taxi Alex Strasbourg

Alex was the perfect guide——punctual, courteous, and upbeat.


Taxi Alex

And I had a blast talking to him (in French) as he drove us to the medieval towns of Riquewihr and Keysersberg.


Unfortunately, I'd timed things wrong, and the wine merchants in town were all closed for their lunch break until 2pm. So, we were out of luck.


village tower

Medieval houses

Bricked street


But along the way, we stopped at the Domaine Pierre Adam where we had the tasting room to ourselves.


 Domaine Pierre Adam



We tried their Pinos Gris and bought a bottle, but we preferred the bright, mineral taste of their Riesling with its peach and citrus notes.



Riesling Qualities


Four hours was surely not enough time to take in all the sights and flavors of Alsace.


Alsace countryside


Road stop

Tartes FlambéesSo, I told Alex I'd be back. And next time, I'll stay longer in Strasbourg and arrange several wine excursions.

I've recently learned that my stepfather's distant cousins own the Vignoble AndrÉ Scherer. I've ordered their Pinot Blanc through my local wine shop, but I want to taste it right at the source.


Alsace Route du Vin


And, I'll also include a stop at the Chateau Haut Koenigsbourg where I haven't been in twenty years. This is the perfect place to travel back in time and play out your inner knight or damsel.


Haut Koenigsbourg



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  • Strasbourg Cathedral: Strasbourg Cathedral
  • Riesling Qualities: Riesling Qualities
  • Tibetan flag in Riquewihr: Tibetan flag in Riquewihr
  • Tartes Flambées: Tartes Flambées
  • Taxi Alex Strasbourg: Taxi Alex Strasbourg
  • Taxi Alex: Taxi Alex
  • Alsace countryside: Alsace countryside
  • Alsace Route du Vin: Alsace Route du Vin
  • Medieval Street: Medieval Street
  • Domaine Pierre Adam: Domaine Pierre Adam
  • Grapes: Green Joy
  • Half-timbered house: Half-timbered house
  • Haut Koenigsbourg: Haut Koenigsbourg
  • Maison des Tanneurs: Maison des Tanneurs
  • Medieval houses: Medieval houses
  • Road stop: Tempting Tartes Flambées
  • Route du Vin Map: Route du Vin Map
  • Strasbourg school: Strasbourg school
  • village tower: village tower
  • Vineyard: Vineyard
  • Strasbourg Canal: Strasbourg Canal
  • Homemade Pesto: Homemade Pesto

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DrFumblefinger— A few days could be enough in Strasbourg itself, but if you want to tour the vineyards, I'd stay a week in the area. You could stay two nights in Strasbourg and then  a night or two in Riquewihr and beyond. And I'd suggest renting a car to go at your own pace.


For my next trip, I will plan at least full week in the region because I want to stop at the vineyards and visit more of the museums. And don't forget Chateau Haut Koenigsburg.

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