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Rome, One More Time


My flights home from Egypt were on 2 airline itineraries so to make sure I was where I needed to be I spent 2 nights in Rome and had a full day to do what I love to do with no particular plans, walk the streets.

I’d stay again in my favorite part of the city, Trastevere, at Relais Le Clarisse that looked quite nice online, was surprisingly well-priced on the 2 nights I needed a room and had the advantage of convenience to and from the airport. On arrival at Fiumicino Airport, I did as I’d done 4 weeks earlier, caught the FR1 train from FCO Terminal 3 to Trastevere Station. After wandering for a few minutes in the dark in front of the station and finding only #3 trams, a kind stranger pointed me in the direction of the #8 stop, across the road and around the corner and I was set. I got off at the 5th stop, Piazza Mastai, steps from my hotel.

Isola Tiberina on the way to the market.


In the morning after an excellent breakfast that included my favorites, fresh-squeezed orange juice and excellent cappuccino, I set off for a day on foot. To say that I had no plans isn't quite accurate because where there’s a market, that’s where I’m likely to go. And a famous one was not far north across the Tiber...

...the Campo de’ Fiori morning market.


Parking in Rome

In a frivolous ending to a monumental trip that included both Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt, I offer the creative ways in which drivers of both two and four-wheeled vehicles find to park them along the streets of the city.



The issue of blue lines, above and below…hmm.


Crossing the Tiber again, back to Trastevere
and my cozy digs for one more night.


The morning of my departure I arrived at the subterranean breakfast room just as they opened the door and though I couldn’t linger, knew I could pick up where I left off after my tram and train rides to the airport...knowing even there, there are standards, good coffee and another pastry worth eating. I was still in Italy, after all.

My three flights home were uneventful and my pre-booked carriage was waiting, an hour’s ride home with nothing to do but think of where I’d been and the miracles I’d seen. And then the writing of it to bring it all back.



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