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Reasons to go on a French Barge Tour and explore France in style and luxury


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As you relax on the sundeck or rejuvenate in an outdoor jacuzzi while the barge glides past the mesmerizing landscape of France, you suddenly feel as if everything was a sequence of events in a dream. It is only then that you realize what you have been missing. A French barge tour exemplifies luxury traveling, with its onboard facilities, fine dining, exciting activities on offer, heart-winning hospitality, sightseeing, and unparalleled style. The next time you want to experience something less touristy but unique, go barge cruising!

What is a barge?

A barge is a small flat bottomed boat that was initially used to transport cargo but underwent a transformation into floating air-conditioned luxury hotels somewhere in the 1970s. It is compact in structure, with an accommodation capacity of around 6-12 passengers. This kind of boat can reach a maximum speed of 4 miles an hour, which means you can keep pace with it if you walk fast!

What are some of the facilities available on luxury barges?

Hotel barges consist of en suite cabins with private bathrooms, an outdoor or observation deck, flat-screen televisions, a jacuzzi, and a salon, which also serves as a dining room. The kind of facilities available may vary from one barge to the other, but all luxurious barges will have those mentioned above.

Which destinations are covered during a cruise?

Some of the places you can expect to visit are the wine regions of Alsace, Burgundy, Loire, and Bordeaux. Two of the most famous canals for cruises are Canal du Loing, which starts from Montargis and ends at Samois-sur-Seine, and Canal de Briare, which stretches from Montargis to Sancerre.

What are some of the activities available during a tour?

Besides enjoying your time luxuriously on board, several exciting activities are offered during a barge tour. In the Canal du Loing on the Northern Route, you can enjoy a walking tour of Montargis, explore another town called Barbizon which is home to impressionist painters, and marvel at the Palace of Fontainebleau, the epitome of grandeur. Activities that you can enjoy on the Canal de Briare on the Southern Route are observing the Roman Baths and Amphitheatre at Montbouy, visiting Château Vaux le Vicomte and Chateau de la Bussiere with its 18th-century gardens and exploring the Cosne-sur-Loire market.

Enjoy the pleasures of fine dining!

During a cruise, you are also treated to the pleasures of gourmet dining. You find out a lot about a particular region's cuisine, wine, and cheese as you go along. Ingredients are carefully selected for the preparation of meals and are bought fresh from local markets. All the courses of a meal, from the starter or hors d'oeuvre to dessert, are exquisitely prepared, with attention paid to the minutest detail.

A French barge tour opens up a whole new side of France for you, one that excites and arouses your interest to no end. Give this form of luxury travel a try. You will be talking about it for a long time!

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