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Put Stuttgart on Your Travel List


Stuttgart, Germany  is a perfect city to spend a few days in.  The city has a wonderful and active center of town, reasonable prices, great people, and food. It's a good place to walk or bike in. Outdoor flower and food markets, too .

The city is easy to get to  with good budget rail, airline and bus connections to a lot of Europe. That includes a TGV train to Paris.

I've reviewed the well-designed and fun Mercedes Museum separately and hopefully will add a review of the Porsche Museum on my next visit.

Here are a few more great sights.

get-attachment (1)Schossplatz

get-attachment (6)Schillerplatz

Schlossplatz and Schillerplatz:

Schossplatz is the Palace Square and people from the city and tourists really do use it. It's Stuttgart's largest square and has many outdoor events like  concerts, fairs and parts of the Christmas Market. A wonderful place to people watch. Schlossplatz is also next to two other popular squares, Karlspatz and Schillerplatz .

Schillerplatz  sells flowers on Saturday and is a great European square. It's named after the German poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller, and the monument to him was the first one to him in Germany. The buildings were burned down in WW2 and all except one were reconstructed.

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stuttgart 2

Landesmuseum  Württemberg:

The museum is located in the Old Castle and shows prehistoric times all the way through the early 20th century in Württemberg. It also has a great clock display in the basement. The basement is my favorite part of the Castle, so don't miss it before you leave.


Markethalle :

This is a fascinating  indoor World Food Market in Stuttgart. They have fresh fruits vegetables, cheeses, spices, wines, bread and a lot of delicious prepared foods. It's really a well-done World Market and a great place  for souvenirs  or to prepare for a picnic. It's not exactly a budget spot, but worth it.

Some added photos below. Just an example of the nice architecture and park like setting as we walked on side streets of the city. To show you Stuttgart is a very international city, there was a  big Turkish demonstration while we were walking around.

My thanks go to Janine, her family and friends! I had a great time in Stuttgart.

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Many European towns have a Central Square where concerts and displays by local groups entertain us.

Is Stuttgart like this ?

Does it have Art Galleries that survived the war years ?

Stuttgart isn't one of the places you associate with tourists in Germany but you've given us a taster. Thanks Rob ! 

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