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Progress in clearing TSA logjam


The long airport security lines that grew to hours in some airports last month have shrunk to less outrageous numbers, thanks in part to Congress approving new hiring and more hours for TSA agents. This week, Congress approved shifting some more funds, at least temporarily, to continue the shrink.

Last month's delays reached points where airports were threatening to replace TSA with private contractors, and where American Airlines estimated that 70,000 of its customers had missed flights because of the lines.

The funding went in the short term to more overtime for existing agents, and long-term to hire several hundred more by later in the year. This week's action released $28 million in funds approved for other TSA projects but not needed yet; among other things it will now fund making numbers of part-time agents full-timers.

Transportation Secretary Jeh Johnson says that times are now under 15 minutes for 93% of travelers and under 30 minutes for 99%—but that 1% still stuck in line is a lot of people!

Photo: Dan Paluska / Wikimedia

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