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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Dec. 28, 2013: Burma, Irrawaddy River Sunset


Burma: Irrawaddy River at Sunset.



A friend and I walked across New Bagan in the late afternoon, destination the Green Elephant Restaurant, where the main road crosses the highway and dead-ends at the bluff overlooking the Irrawaddy.  Not long after being seated in the otherwise empty place, this sunset view from our table was the reward.  


After an excellent dinner, with no streetlights to guide us back, we asked that a taxi be called to take us home.  A long wait ensued and when told our ride had arrived, went outside to find the only transport available was a jeep with broken handles and the doors permanently fastened shut.  We climbed in the windows and were delivered to our hotel.  Such is the visitor infrastructure in newly-opened-to-tourism Burma.  But it’s improving all the time so I may never have a repeat of the experience nor another opportunity to tell a similar tale.


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  • Burma: Irrawaddy River at Sunset.

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