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Portugal: Delay, Don't Cancel (for now)


Portugal's tourism secretary really wants to see you, and she's ready to wait, and perhaps even entice you a little. That's in the face of a likely drop in visitors to Portugal from 16.3 million last year to at best perhaps 12 million, possibly less.

In a new scheme, likely to be copied in other countries, Secretary of State for Tourism Rita Marques announced that starting now, and continuing through September 30, anyone with bookings made through travel agencies or accredited holiday renters such as Airbnb, can get a full-value voucher to visit between October 2020 and December 2021.

And if things don't work out, a full cash refund in 2022. Refunds are available immediately to anyone who has lost a job between now and September 30.

Marques told press that “We are being absolute pioneers in the European context. Our priority is to safeguard consumer rights and the interests of economic operators, according to the principle of ‘don’t cancel, postpone.'

Image: PHeymont/TravelGumbo


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