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Polish castle channels Hogwarts for fans


No, it's not quite Harry Potter and Hogwarts—those rights are all tied up—but it is your chance to play at being a trainee wizard and dabble in magic at the College of Wizardry in the 13th-century Czocha Castle in southwest Poland.

Each session is attended by 100 or so participants, garbed in some version of the sort of clothes you'd expect at Hogwarts, in a LARP, or Live Action Role Play. On arrival, they're cautioned to leave the mundane (not muggle, please) world behind, and not to use any of the spells or house names from the Potter books because if they do "a man in a suit will appear and drag you away."

Each participant chooses a role to play for the 2-1/2 day experience, and students attend classes and outdoor activities (but no quidditch!); everyone is supposed to stay in character, but a reporter from The Guardian (UK) who attended a session reports that's not always easy.

For the Guardian article, with pictures and video, click HERE or for more information on signing up for the College, click HERE.

Photo of Potions Lesson from College of Wizardry website


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