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We Love our Travel Gadgets--And We Take Them with Us

TripAdvisor has published a report on how we travel, and found that 85% of us take our smartphones along on vacation, and 61% use social media while traveling. Not surprised, are you? REPORT




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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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It would be interesting to see the breakdown between domestic trips and international trips.  I think we'd see the rates of smartphone use drop on international journeys because of the complexities and cost of connecting, unless it's with wi-fi.  Tablet use probably wouldn't change significantly.


But no, I'm not surprised at all.  

That's interesting.  I travel in part just so I CAN lose touch.  Except once.  On a stroll through a Borneo jungle, emerged alongside the only restaurant for many miles, it's TV announcing the election of Pres. Obama.  An exciting moment but the only one I can think of when I was momentarily glad to be in touch.  Maybe another thing that separates tourists from travelers is the "need" to be available.  

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