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Picture of the Day May 1st, 2014 - Hagia Sophia, Turkey


Hagia Sophia was the Cathedral of Constantinople (now Istanbul) when it was built in the year 537 AD.

In 1453 it was changed from being a Church to a Mosque.

Today this building is a Museum and worship is strictly prohibited.

Turkey is where the West meets the East. Part in Europe and part in Asia.

It has neighbours with names  that shiver the bones. Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Turkey itself is a wonderful country. Full of warm and friendly people.

Millions of Europeans visit Turkey each year and enjoy the Mediterranean beaches and the superb golf courses. The food is very western style. Just no pork. But you'll have a wonderful vacation if you travel to Turkey. I've just had 2 weeks in the Voyage Hotel in Belek.  Absolute luxury !




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