Paris tries out all-night Metro runs


Paris is continuing moves to try to get more people out of cars and onto public transport or bicycles; one new move is to try out running Metro trains and trams all night; another is the opening of new dedicated bike highways, the first of which will open this month.

Up to now, Paris has relied on its network of night buses to take over during the late-night hours, but in a test to see if more late-night rail service will get people out of cars and cabs, six Metro lines and three tram lines will run 24 hours on one Saturday a month and selected holidays.

The RER Velo routes, named with the RER regional express trains as a model, are a series of bike paths extending far out into the surrounding area with the goal of making commuting by bicycle or e-bike over longer distances practical.

In other transit changes with a similar goal, but less effect for visitors, the city has made bus and Metro free for all children under 11, and is giving a 50% refund for the fare for older children. There is also a new offer for 14-to-18 year-olds that includes the city's Velib rental bikes in the fare pass.

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". . . one Saturday a month . . ." ?  That doesn't sound to me like they're serious about reducing traffic.  Up until that sentence I was picturing commuters.

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