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Pantry Restaurant, Santa Fe


We like to share tips on interesting restaurants that provide great food and good value for your money.  The Pantry Restaurant in Santa Fe certainly fits that bill.

01 Pantry Restaurant

The Pantry is a family-owned business that has been around since 1948.  Food is made from scratch and is served with the flavors of the Southwest.

04 Pantry Restaurant(breakfast burrito)

We enjoyed breakfast and dinner at the restaurant, both of which were terrific.  For breakfast I ate a wonderful burrito -- scrambled eggs and bacon in a flour tortilla covered with green chile sauce and cheese, and served with pantry fries.  I think it's the best breakfast burrito I've ever had!

00 Pantry Restaurant(beef brisket tacos, served with beans and homemade salsa)

For dinner my wife and I decided to try the Smoked Santa Fe brisket.  She had the brisket tacos, while I had the Santa Fe Beef brisket plate -- brisket covered with red and green chile sauce.  The brisket was flavorful and tender and we both thought our dishes were great!

02 Pantry Restaurant
03 Pantry Restaurant
(Santa Fe beef brisket plate, served with mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and smothered with "Christmas" chile sauce -- combination of red and green)

You'll find The Pantry at 1820 Cerillos Rd in Santa Fe.  There's lots of free parking and outdoor dining is available.


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