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Oregon's newest attraction looks wheel-ie good!


Oregon is celebrating its newest scenic touring attraction, the Painted Hills Scenic Bikeway, connecting a number of towns along a 130-mile route, passing through millions of years of geological history.

The route gets its name by passing through the multi-colored John Day Fossil Beds, with their layers of yellow, gold, black and red, formed by shifting volcanic islands. There are also animal and plant fossils to be seen.

Painted Hills is the 15th route in Oregon's designated bikeway program; like the others it mostly uses existing paved roads. With the new addition the system now totals over 1,000 miles. The program, launched in 2005, is a partnership between Cycle Oregon, Travel Oregon and the state Parks and Transportation departments.

For more information on Painted Hills and the whole system from RideOregonRide, click HERE 



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