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On Safari in Africa -- wildlife gallery

I'm not sure I've ever had a more enjoyable vacation that being on safari in Africa!  There are a number of countries where animal viewing is good, these photos being highlights of some of the larger animals we saw during a week spent in Botswana's Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park.


Not much text; just photos, with photo descriptions (if you're interested) you can read by clicking on the thumbnails below to open a slide show:


002 Botswana Lion 2


004 Botswana Lion 4


005 Botswana leopard



007 Botswana buffalo 1



008 Botswana buffalo 2




009 Botswana elephant 1



012 Botswana giraffe 2



013 Botswana hyaena 2



014 Botswana wild dog



015 Botswana hyaena



016 Botswana impala



017 Botswana impala 2



017 Botswana kudu



018 Botswana kudu [2)



019 Botswana wildebeest



020 Botswana wildebeest [2)



022 Botswana Tsessebe 2



024 Botswana steenbuck



025 Botswana zebra



026 Botswana zebra 2



028 Botswana hippo



029 Botswana monitor lizard



030 Botswana Nile crocodile



031 Botswana Leopard Turtle



Images (24)
  • Male Lion, Botswana: A thick dark mane is the sign of a healthy lion and makes him attractive to a lioness in heat
  • Lioness, Botswana: Just relaxing beside the road.  Maybe 3 meters from us
  • Leopard, Botswana: Sleeping in a tree.  I think she was the most beautiful animal I've ever seen in the wild
  • Buffalo, Botswana: We came across this herd of buffalo at dusk.  We were downwind of them and they were aware of us but could not smell us.  The strongest animals come to the front of the herd, forming a defensive ring.
  • Buffalo, Botswana: This was the largest and strongest of the herd, who kept sniffing, trying to get our scent
  • Elephant herd, Botswana: The elephant population is healthy in this country
  • Juvenile giraffes, Botswana: Engaging in a neck slamming contest.  The looser has to leave the tower to go out on his own.
  • Hyaena, Africa
  • African Wild Dogs, Botswana: Among the rarest animals in the wild
  • Jackal, Botswana: Looks a lot like an American coyote, but smaller and with longer ears
  • Impala, Botswana: A very common animal and important source of food for predators
  • Impala, Botswana: A beautiful young buck photographed in the soft light of dawn
  • Female kudu, Botswana
  • Male kudu, Botswana: Very impressive set of horns
  • Wildebeest herd, Botswana: Wildebeest are among the ugliest animals in Africa
  • Wildebeest, Botswana
  • Tsessebe, Botswana: The fastest ungulate in Africa
  • Steenbuck, Botswana: A small ungulate, about the size of a standard poodle
  • Zebra, Botswana
  • Zebra, Botswana: Note the mom zebra nursing her calf
  • Hippo pool, Botswana
  • Monitor lizard, Botswana: Maybe 2 meters in length
  • Nile crocodile, Botswana
  • Leopard Turtle, Botswana

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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Thank you for your comments PortMoresby and GarryRF!.  Yes, we got quite close to the animals Garry, although you definitely need to have a telephoto lens and best to have a camera with a quick shutter speed.  I used my digital SLR on these and shot photos in bursts of 5-6, picking out the one I like best.


You need to be very careful about where you eat in Africa, maybe more so than in most places.  But we traveled with a quality safari outfit (And Beyond), which not only prepared great meals, we could eat everything we wanted and did not get ill.


Safari travel is not cheap, but it's a great experience.  I'd recommend everyone who can go see the animals of Africa at least once.

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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