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Old Salem, North Carolina (Where Gumbo was #151)


No one guessed this weeks puzzle but DrFumblefinger did place Gumbo in southeastern USA.

Old Salem is a historic district in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It features a living history museum depicting 18th and 19th century Moravian life in Salem. Some residences of the district are private.


The Moravians are a Protestant religious group that began in what is now  the Czech Republic. They were missionaries who settled Wachovia, a tract of nearly 100,000 acres in North Carolina. Salem was the central town of the tract and construction began in 1766.



Old Salem Museum and Gardens

The museum's restored and reconstructed buildings are staffed with interpreters practicing their trades such as bakers, tinsmiths, cobblers and  carpenters. Approximately 70% of the buildings in the historic district are original. Like a lot of living history museums, you need a full day or even two to take it in.  I'd also recommend going in Spring ,Summer or Fall so you can see the gardens. You don't see much of them in Winter. Just a few highlights below. 

WITW Clue 151

Single Brothers House 1769/1786

The Single Brothers House was built to house the unmarried men of the Moravian Congregation of Salem. It later became a school and a "Widows House."0

Additional buildings were also  constructed on the property such as the Workshop behind the house.


Heritage Bridge, 1999

This covered bridge gets you from the Visitors Center to the Old Salem Historic District. It was made to mimic historic bridges from the 19th century and was designed by preservation engineer, David A Fischetti. It's really well done.

Tavern Restaurant, Old Salem

Salem Tavern Museum, 1784 - Tavern Restaurant, 1815  (pictured above)

The Salem Tavern Museum shows you how travelers were housed ,fed and entertained. George Washington even stayed there. It was expanded to  a separate wood building that is now a restaurant. The restaurant is highly rated. Unfortunately it was closed the day we went. 

Admission to  the  Old Salem Museum and Gardens is $23  for one day or $26 for two consecutive days. They also have a two museum ticket for $15. There are a few buildings within Old Salem that you don't need a ticket to enter and  you can walk around for free too.


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  • Single Brothers House: SingleBrothers House
  • Single Brothers House: Single Brothers House
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  • Single Brothers House Workshop: Single Brothers House Workshop
  • Tavern Restaurant, Old Salem: Tavern Restaurant, Old Salem
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