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Ohio road trip: 144 miles of art


Ohio opened a unique art venue on Tuesday, with a trail of public artwork spread over 144 miles, the longest outdoor gallery in the world.

Called the Ohio Art Corridor, it includes such works as a Bicentennial Mural in Circleville, a Flight of the Hawk Park in Lancaster, a School of Fish sculpture in McConnelsville and Wolfe Garden at Ohio University. It's more than double the length of Stockholm's, which stretches out to 70 miles. Ohio's will eventually expand to over 200 miles, and hopes to be copied in other states.

Rebekah Griesmyer, executive director of The Ohio Art Corridor, said “Our desire is to draw people out of the big cities, to take a drive through the beautiful Appalachian country of Ohio, to learn, grow, and have experiences that they otherwise would not have. We desire to instill pride and purpose into those that live in the small cities and towns highlighted on The Ohio Art Corridor.”

For a USA Today slideshow of a number of included works, click HERE

Photo: War memorial at Muskingum County Courthouse, Zanesville

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