October 22, 2018: A Rainy Day near Milk River


The Milk River originates in Montana, heads northeast into Alberta, then heads back south into Montana to join the Missouri River.  

01 Milk River

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The Canadian section of the river includes some lovely scenery, especially in hoodoo rich Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.  The area is rich in dinosaur bone deposits, as you'll find near the town of Milk River, Alberta.  Here you'll discover a rather life-like model of a Jurassic dweller outside the town's Visitor Center, featured in our title image. 

03 Milk River

I last visited Milk River on a rainy day and drove around some of the country roads, taking in the prairie scenery.  I saw many pronghorn antelope, but they were quick escape artists, too fast for me to capture with my camera. Here's some of what I saw:

04 Milk River

05 Milk River

06 Milk River

07 Milk River

08 Milk River


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