October 17, 2018: Indian Trading Post, Banff


One of the classic places to visit in the Banff townsite, within Banff National Park, is the Indian Trading Post.  It has been around since 1903 and was originally called the "Sign of the Goat Curio Shop".  It's one of those places that hasn't changed much during the years.  

02 Indian Trading Post, Banff

Situated on the bank of the Bow River, it is removed from the busy touristy part of Banff.  The exterior decorative items are interesting, but not as interesting as what you find when you enter the shop.

03 Indian Trading Post, Banff

04 Indian Trading Post, Banff

05 Indian Trading Post, Banff

The walls of the shop are a museum of taxidermy, with a large variety of local species on display.  

09 Indian Trading Post, Banff

08 Indian Trading Post, Banff

Initially dealing primarily in furs, the shop now sells mostly First Nations (Aboriginal) handicrafts.  These include items like jewelry, art, moccasins, hats, blankets, and furs.  Some of the items are junky, but others are finely crafted (eg. deer hide gloves, beadwork, antler handled knives).  Products are made by the local Stoney Nakoda tribe and other native tribes from across North America.

06 Indian Trading Post, Banff

07 Indian Trading Post, Banff

There is a somewhat gross curiosity in the shop called Merman -- half man, half fish.  I tend not to photograph and publish particularly ugly things, but if you're interested you can see and read more about Merman at this link.


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